Roguelike Development

Update 5/6/2018 Obviously, I never finished this. Maybe at some point I will, but for now, its incomplete. I did however, take what I learned and created a simple Roguelike library in Go, which I call Gogue. It takes most of the concepts from my tutorials here, and puts them in an easy to use library.

I am currently participating in r/roguelikedev’s ‘RoguelikeDev Does the Complete Python Tutorial’. The goal of this is to, as a group, run through the entire ‘Complete Roguelike Tutorial in Python’, from RogueBasin, written by Jotaf. This tutorial is a classic, in my opinion (and a few years ago, I took the opportunity to run through it myself, you can find my code on github), and is very well suited to new coders, or those who are looking to get a good overview of how a Roguelike is constructed.

For this project, I decided, since I have already run through the tutorial in Python, that I would learn a new language in the process. I chose Go, as I’ve been meaning to dive into it for a while. From there, I chose the excellent BearLibTerminal for my terminal display needs, as there is a Go package ready to use. I’ll be posting my progress here, as well as a weekly blog post walking through the steps I’m taking to follow along (and any interesting Go tidbits I pick up along the way).

Part 1: Setup - code

Part 2: Movement - code

Part 3: Entities and the Map - code

Part 4: A more interesting Map - code

Part 5: Field of Vision - code

Part 6: Preparing for Combat - code

Part 7: ECS Refactor - code

[Part 8: Combat] - code

[Part 9: Basic UI] - code



Sidenote 1: Cameras - code

Sidenote 2: Vim Keys and Diagonal Movement